Why Do I Need A Car Immobiliser In 2024?

Modern vehicles are bristling with technology and anti-theft security systems, and when simple devices such as steering wheel locks are cheap to buy and easy to fit at home you may be forgiven for wondering why you should splash out on a car immobiliser.

In this article, we ask one company leading the way in vehicle security why car immobilisers can be such an important part of vehicle protection and why you may need a car immobiliser this year.

What is a Car Immobiliser?

The immobiliser is a piece of technology which prevents your car engine from starting up unless the correct key fob or code is used to de-activate it. The code is transmitted to the car’s ECU to control the car’s fuel, starter motor and ignition system when the key is inserted into the ignition or a button is pressed on the key fob.

This vital extra layer of security prevents even the most organised and determined thief from being able to bypass the car’s ignition system to drive off.

Doesn’t My Car Already Have An Immobiliser?

Cars which were manufactured after 1998 were required to have immobilisers factory-fitted, as car makers stepped up efforts to protect customers’ vehicles. These will likely still function, however, technology has moved on a lot since then. The latest immobilisers are far in advance of the simpler, more basic car immobilisers of those early days.

Car immobilisers nowadays can come with wi-fi connectivity or pin code entry through buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel, plus other features which can be tailored to individual requirements. Essentially an immobiliser, when expertly fitted, is usually undetectable to thieves.

What is the Thatcham Grading System?

The Thatcham Research organisation was founded in 1969 to ensure safety and security standards and with a brief to help keep down motoring costs for consumers. Its research teams have worked constantly since to develop a grading and approval system for anti-theft devices, so that every immobiliser and alarm system is given a security certification. It is this which can help to lower your insurance premiums.

Thatcham divides vehicle security into seven different categories depending on the type and functionality of the system. These categories also cover things such as alarm upgrades and mechanical anti-theft devices.

Anyone who is thinking of getting a car immobiliser fitted or getting an upgrade from a system already on their vehicle would benefit from seeking help from a company specialising in car immobiliser systems. That way you will know that you are getting the very latest up to date information on the best way to keep your vehicle safe.

In 2024, car immobilisers will continue to remain relevant and vital for vehicle security for several reasons, the main one in most people’s minds being theft prevention. The deterrence factor means that even if a thief manages to bypass other security measures the presence of an immobiliser and the difficulty in starting your car will still divert them from attempting to steal your vehicle.

The extra layer of security provided makes it harder for a thief to start your car. Many insurance companies offer discounts for cars which have features such as immobilisers.

Safety and security standards for vehicles are now requirements to ensure the overall safety of vehicles on the road.

A car with multiple built-in security measures including an immobiliser can have a higher resale value with buyers often willing to pay more for a car that comes with additional security.