Unveil the Gravity Sic Bo: Changing the Face of Asian Online Gambling

Enthralling the gambling arena of Asia, Beter Live is introducing its fascinating Gravity Sic Bo. Their team specifically aligns this new addition to their Gravity collection with the existing goliaths, Gravity Roulette and Gravity Blackjack. What helps them stand apart from others is the extensive usage of localized tables. They offer an opportunity for enhanced user interaction and localized customization. As a result, this feature heightens user engagement and injects more life into the online gambling scenario.

Gravity Sic Bo

Multiplayer gambling games symbolize a trend they cannot ignore. By emphasizing local culture and geography through tables, Beter Live creates an inviting ecosystem for gamers—eventually yielding tangible financial benefits via higher Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) and turnover.

A Glimpse into Gravity Sic Bo

The Gravity Sic Bo is their cutting-edge offering that portrays their unflinching commitment towards enhancing the live casino gambling experience. Set in their elegantly stylized Asian Studio, Gravity Sic Bo is the heart of BETER Live’s Chinese Game Collection. This collection also includes regular Sic Bo, Non-Comission Baccarat, and Baccarat, reinforcing their resolve to cater to the distinct tastes of the region.

Beter Live’s Gravity Sic Bo presents the popular dice game in a breath-takingly immersive multiplayer environment. By fusing traditional Sic Bo aspects with innovative gambling technology under the appealing Gravity brand, they are unequivocally transforming the Asian online gambling panorama.

Unleashing the Gravity Effect

The Gravity collection inclusion has major implications for Beter Live’s strategy focused on Southeast Asia. They wanted to step up their game and build a brand that truly understands and respects the culture of the region. With Gravity Sic Bo, they have not only expanded their game portfolio but also significantly strengthened their foothold and influence in the online gambling realm.

The Gravity Sic Bo was launched at the paramount SIGMA Asia exhibition in July, signifying the grandeur Beter Live allocates to this showstopper. Their participation reflects their ambition to disrupt the live casino gambling industry with state-of-art components amalgamated with traditional Asian staples.

Dedicated and Thematic Tables: A Call to Innovation

Further innovating within the gambling space, they at Beter Live believe in embracing the power of bespoke solutions. Their offerings of dedicated and thematic tables resonate with this ideology. These tables allow branding for a particular client—like betting companies and casinos—resulting in an enriching, personalized gambling experience that remembers you.

Thematic tables, on the other hand, are substantiated on popular themes among a designated audience. These sustain player interest and establish added appeal. An instance under their belt is the well-received Cricket Duel – a Top Card table, stylized under cricket for India.

Conquering Different Gambling Avenues

While their prime focus is Asia, they aim to offer specialized gambling games to every nook and corner of the world. They have an Indian Game Collection featuring popular gambling games such as Bet on Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Top Card. By offering customized solutions for different regions, they evolve not just as a global live casino but as a platform that treasures diversity and unity.


In conclusion, with Gravity Sic Bo and their exceptional gambling offerings, they tirelessly work to revolutionize the gambling space. They promise an exhilarating ride for all their users, redefining their online gambling experience and adding a robust touch of localization.