The Most Exciting Genres in Gaming

Over the past decade, gaming has quickly grown from a niche activity primarily aimed at younger teenage boys to a global phenomenon with the primary audience now being comprised of women over the age of thirty-five. With a large number of platforms each attracting their own unique audiences, there’s a lot of diversity when it comes to what you want to play, how you want to play, and the platform on which you choose to play too. With that in mind, which are some of the most exciting genres available in modern gaming?

Indie Games

It has been a great few years for smaller indie titles as the tools to make these games have become more approachable and the number of studios leaning into these types of games are growing – indie games tend to cover a wide range of genres too, from puzzle to platformer, strategy to idle. Indie gaming casts quite a large net over all genres but in itself is a genre of its own – one of the big benefits of these games is they tend to be on the cheaper side, have a lot of replayability, and quite easy to run too, so when in the market for something new to try, check out the growing list of indie favorites.

Games of Chance

Thanks to the success of modern mobile devices, certain genres have managed to benefit more than others, one of these being games of chance. Apps and sites that offer the biggest games available are plentiful, guides on how to get around gamstop and access the best of these games are also readily available too. With microtransactions being so common, a little disposable income can go along way with these betting or casino options, particularly as the games themselves have become much more complex and fulfilling in recent years.

First Person Shooters

If something more competitive is more to taste, there’s never been a better time to get involved – Riot Games Valorant continues to dominate with millions of active players, Valve’s updated Counter-Strike 2 still has some teething issues but will slowly get there, and plenty of other options like Apex, Call of Duty, and much more may help to fulfil that urge. Many of these games come with the added benefit of online protection too, helping to build confidence in a level playing field.

Idle Games

Some of the biggest idle games are a more recent addition, but for those a little too busy to get involved in the big AAA titles, idle games have grown to become a perfect option for some. Simply set-up some automated in game systems, have a goal in mind, click a button and the game does the rest – for some players these can be a bit boring, and a bit time gated too particularly with resources, but the whole idea of these idle games is to allow players with little time to actually play to experience some of the dopamine hitting excitement for reaching a milestone without investing too much time.

These make up just a few of the most exciting gaming genres available, but in reality this list could go on for quite some time! The gaming market is growing extremely quickly and shows no signs of slowing down as mobile is set to remain the home of gaming, and as a wider audience continues to be attracted to many different options available. It’s as great a time as any to explore all that gaming has to offer, and once you get started most tend not to find themselves stopping in their new passion!