The 7 Best Payment Methods for Online Business

Many businesses have transitioned into the digital space because modern consumers prefer online buying due to its convenience. This trend has been facilitated by the combination of safe online payment solutions and quality delivery services offered by online vendors. However, with so many existing payment options for your online business out there, it can be challenging to pick out one that comes with features and capabilities that are suitable for your business. Fortunately, in this article, we explore the seven best payment options that are popular for your online business.

1. PayPal

PayPal has grown unprecedentedly over the years to become one of the top online payment services globally. This platform allows customers to pay through their PayPal balance, bank accounts, and credit or debit cards. It also allows clients to make payments quickly and with a single click. Its innovative Store Cash feature assists in converting abandoned carts into sales.

Besides being easy to use, PayPal can work with your current systems because it seamlessly integrates with other major eCommerce platforms. With the aid of PayPal, you can also develop a more custom and robust payment solution by adding ‘buy now’, ‘donate’, and ‘shopping cart’ buttons.

2. Boku

Boku is a renowned mobile payment platform that simplifies the global online payment system by making it a secure and straightforward service. Its payment system is of top-tier quality and competes effectively with other major online banking platforms. Boku works with numerous mobile carriers and uses their data to enhance security and optimize its payment processes. It is also compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, this payment system has a presence in more than 91 countries and incorporates over 330 mobile payment service providers globally. As a result, Boku is ideal for online business payments as well as for all other online transactions.

In the gambling industry, for example, most top-rated Boku casinos give their players an option to use either pay-as-you-go or contract. With pay-as-you-go, each transaction you make will be deducted from the available balance on your mobile. On the other hand, with the contract option, all your payments made will be added to the monthly bill issued by your mobile carrier. Furthermore, Boku casinos stand out since you do not require a bank account or credit card to open a Boku account. All you need to start making deposits and payments with Boku is your mobile number.

3. Stripe

Stripe offers the best payment processing services for large and small businesses. It is a comprehensive platform that enables in-person and online businesses to receive payments digitally while using its radar protection to thwart fraud. You can easily integrate it with other online shopping systems like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Moreover, Stripe has a user-friendly interface, and you can start using it in your business within 10 minutes after signing up. Furthermore, it supports over 135 payment methods and currencies. Besides its 24/7 customer support, you will also benefit from its robust documentation. Stripe also offers a higher uptime that will boost your enterprise’s earnings online.

4. One Page Pay

This payment solution works with various Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) like HubSpot and other payment options like GoCardless, Take Payments, PayPal, and Stripe. One Page Pay always creates a dedicated form page for payments and efficiently forwards the sales details to your chosen CRM or email platform. Using this service, you can start making your first payment form within five minutes.

One Page Pay users have the privilege of creating tailored payment forms that fit their needs. They can also generate reports for every transaction. Since it integrates with HubSpot, it can automatically follow up on the client’s delivery after purchase and surveys. Moreover, One Page Pay provides bank-level security for all its customer’s data.

5. Square

If you want an exceptional online payment solution for small enterprises, consider using Square. It is suitable for offering appointments, running restaurants that receive orders online, and businesses that sell digital or physical products. This payment solution also provides a free eCommerce service for helping entrepreneurs set up and run online businesses. You can also collect payments and send invoices through this service.

Square comprises everything needed in a payment solution, like an analytics dashboard for tracking an enterprise’s success, e-gift cards, and hardware for physical stores. It also assists in payroll management, from automatically remunerating workers to inputting time cards. The best part about opening a Square checking account is that it doesn’t incur any costs, and this makes it economically viable, especially for small enterprises. Moreover, Square provides its users with the flexibility of adding QR codes, purchase links, and shopping card buttons to their online payment solutions. Consequently, these buttons will make it easy for your customers to be redirected to your services and products.

6. Checkout HQ

This online payment service provides impressive options for your online business, such as creating tailored quotes, payment forms, and a searchable database for your services or products. It will also give you access to attribution reports that reveal how your advertising efforts impact income. Furthermore, you can integrate Checkout HQ with HubSpot to enhance the efficiency of online payments.

Checkout HQ also integrates with Stripe for payments and can work with the current HubSpot theme. Therefore, it will perfectly fit into your brand without any issues. You can also boost the client’s experience by tailoring the checkout experience.

7. Collect

This platform is exceptional for facilitating credit card payments because it is embedded within the HubSpot pages. As a result, it eliminates the need to redirect customers to external windows during the payment process. Setting up Collect is also a straightforward process and there is no need for you to have prior coding knowledge. This payment solution consistently delivers a seamless and hassle-free experience for your customers when they visit your online store to make purchases.

Moreover, Collect’s advanced security systems ensure secure payments for your online business. It has features for adding buy buttons, pricing tables, and creating tailored payment forms. Using this platform, you can allow clients to subscribe to your services or products or make one-time purchases. It also integrates with Stripe but there are plans to expand its compatibility to other payment services in the near future. Another key advantage of Collect is its fee structure. It operates without imposing per-transaction fees. So you’ll only have to pay for a Collect subscription rather than incurring extra charges for each transaction.

In Conclusion

Online payment solutions make shopping experiences more convenient for consumers because they don’t need to visit the store or handle cash to get what they need. Moreover, an online payment system with extra features like scheduled invoicing or automated follow-up emails can enhance customer satisfaction and profits. Fortunately, many incredible payment services such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Boku can fit your budget and meet all your payment solution needs. These payment methods will facilitate the growth of your online business while giving your customers peace of mind and a thrilling shopping experience.