Seven Seconds To Success: How To Impress Prospective Clients

Did you know that the average human forms a first impression within just seven seconds? If you run a business, it’s essential to strive for positive first impressions every time. Clients often act on instinct and they might not offer you a second chance. If you’re eager to get off on the right foot, here are some effective strategies to help you impress prospective clients and customers.

Make your business premises welcoming

Whether you operate from an office, you own a store, salon or bar, or you run a dealership, showroom or restaurant, it’s critical to ensure that your business premises are welcoming. External appearance is key if you rely on footfall or interact with customers face-to-face, but it’s also important to make the right impression even if you don’t have face-to-face contact with customers. Dirty, dishevelled premises, broken windows and damaged signage can create the wrong impression of any kind of company. Dress shop, bar and restaurant windows to encourage customers to take a look inside and make sure offices look smart and clean. Use signage to promote your brand and provide clear directions.

Extend a warm welcome

When a customer arrives for a meeting or steps into a store to take a look around, they should feel at home. Extending a warm welcome helps to break the ice and create a positive first impression. Look at commercial coffee machines bean to cup to provide a hot cup of coffee for guests as soon as they arrive, add cushions to chairs and sofas in reception areas and provide training for staff who engage with customers. Just as a smile and a friendly introduction can make a positive impression, a lack of contact and aloofness can have the opposite effect.

Get to know customers

Every customer wants to feel like a VIP. If people don’t feel valued, they may be inclined to choose a competitor. Take the time to get to know prospective customers and try to build long-lasting relationships. Engage and interact with clients, reward loyalty and offer incentives for repeat orders or referrals. More than 90% of consumers now check reviews before buying a product or choosing a business. This means that strong customer relationships are hugely beneficial.

Prioritise punctuality and presentation

If you only have a few seconds to impress, punctuality and presentation are key. Keeping people waiting with no explanation reflects badly on a business. A lack of effort in personal presentation and hygiene can also turn potential clients off. As an employer, it is beneficial to implement guidelines and policies, such as a dress code for employees, to maintain high standards. Providing staff training is also advantageous for both customers and employees.

In business, attracting and keeping hold of customers often revolves around making a positive impression. You may only have a few seconds to impress and you might not get a second chance if you fail the first time. To get it right the first time, make sure your business premises are welcoming, extend a warm welcome to customers and prioritise punctuality and presentation. Get to know your clients and encourage and reward loyalty.