Samuel Mather-Holgate, Mather and Murray Financial

Samuel Mather-Holgate, Independent Financial Advisor at Mather and Murray Financial speaking to the Newspage news agency commented:

“This is one of the most important elections in a generation. The incumbent administration has stagnated the economy for a decade, lost their credibility with business and show no empathy for those in need, whether that’s via their savage cuts to welfare or their Rwanda policy. It’s impossible to roll out their failed policies, because they just didn’t have many of them. Their lack of ambition and imagination will be severely punished at the ballot box and it’s just what they deserve. We have had a string of charlatan Prime Ministers with no respect for the people they serve. Labour will be the largest party, but whether they get a majority will depend on Scotland and the ‘Red Wall’. It’s time for Starmer to put some meat on the bones of their manifesto. For Sunak, things can only get wetter!”

Speaking to the Newspage news agency