Michael Baron at BWS

Michael Baron, Commercial Director at BWS:

“The main outcome that small businesses will want to see from the 2024 general election is a certainty. The past few years have been volatile in the political landscape, which has had knock-on effects into the UK economy and infrastructure. Personal political preferences aside, business owners will want this election to be decisive, so we can have a period of consistency and stability, which can then be channelled into strong growth.

“Whatever the outcome this summer, it is essential that we see confident and bold decision-making in order to actually get the UK infrastructure moving, creating jobs, and boosting and improving supply chains.

“One of the biggest issues for small businesses stems from delayed payments from larger businesses to their suppliers – which can have significant knock-on effects when it comes to those smaller players paying their own bills. Those businesses with physical stores will also be looking at business rates, and hoping for a policy to level the playing field between online and bricks-and-mortar.”