Jenny Blyth at Storm in a Teacup Gifts

Jenny Blyth, Small business owner at Storm in a Teacup Gifts speaking to Newspage commented:

“Now is the time for change and we, as a country, have been waiting long enough. There are never, of course, any guarantees with a General Election and there is certainly no guarantee that we will immediately find ourselves in a better place. Keir Starmer’s pledges may seem less flashy but perhaps that is because they are based on the reality of the state of our country. It is going to take time to rebuild but I truly hope that a change in this government will see the beginning of that. I will be voting Labour in the polling booth, not because I think they are the solution but because we need to do something different right now and Labour has some incredibly strong women in their midst who I believe could make a real impact, such as Dr Rosena Khan, Jess Phillips, Angela Rayner and Rachel Reeves.”