How The Insights Personality Test Can Help Your Business

Do you dream of a happy and harmonious work environment? Where productivity is soaring and every member of your team is communicating and collaborating effectively? With the Insights Personality Test this is exactly the kind of workplace culture you can cultivate in your business.

What Is The Insights Personality Test?

The Insights personality test (officially called the Insights Discovery Personality Test) is a question-based psychometric testing assessment that reveals an individual’s conscious and unconscious personality type. In other words, the test helps to pinpoint why a person thinks, feels, and behaves the way they do – both knowingly and without realising they’re doing it.

In What Situations Might It Be Useful To Do The Insights Personality Test?

There are lots of reasons why it makes sense for your business to put its employees through Insights Discovery testing. Perhaps you’ve merged with another organisation or department and you’re trying to find constructive ways of working together as a new team. Maybe your business has recently undergone a restructure and you’re suddenly finding yourself with a new set of direct reports to manage, none of whom you’ve worked with before. Or maybe your team has worked together for a long time, and you have recognised that a team building activity could help strengthen existing connections and communication.

What Are The Benefits Of Insights Discovery Personality Testing?

  • Improved employee relations

Just like a city, a workplace contains people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds, who are forced to co-exist together. The chances are there’ll be some people who you get along with better than others, but you’ll still have to find a constructive way of working with those you don’t align with so well.

Insights testing can help to foster healthier working relationships between colleagues, by helping you to understand why certain people behave the way they do. Armed with this knowledge, you can then modify how you work with particular people in your organisation, ensuring that you collaborate more effectively with colleagues whose preferred working style may be the polar opposite from your own.

  • A more effective leadership team

Being a leader in today’s world is no easy feat. Not only are you responsible for the output of your team across the wider business but you also have a duty of care to your employees. It’s a fine balancing act, not least when your team consists of several conflicting personality types, all of whom come with their own unique challenges.

Whether you’ve handpicked your team or inherited them, Insights personality testing will teach you how to lead your team effectively. After all, individuals are just that; individual, so a one-size-fits-all approach is never going to work. To be an effective leader you need to understand your employees’ strengths, weakness, and motivations. This is exactly the level of detail that the Insights Discovery Personality Test offers you.

What Are The Different Insights Personality Types?

The Insights Discovery Personality Test categorises people into eight personality types. Your test will reveal the degree to which you align with each of these types in the workplace, as well as alerting you to the personality traits you may be unconsciously prone to.

We’ve provided a brief summary of the eight core personas below, but your results will reveal a much deeper assessment that encompasses pages of in-depth analysis.


Directors are progress oriented and success focussed. They like being in control and fear failure. On a good day, Directors are decisive and courageous, but on a bad day they can be impatient, forceful, and even aggressive.


Motivators like adventure and opportunity. They seek respect and prestige but fear restraint and lack of recognition. On a good day you’ll find motivators to be enthusiastic, dynamic, and assertive. Catch them on a bad day, however, and you’ll be met with someone who might be  hasty, manipulative, or indiscreet.


Inspirers are social creatures by nature. They like getting involved and are motivated by popularity and approval. By contrast, loneliness and disapproval are their greatest fears. Inspirers are optimistic and expressive on their best days but can be unreliable and unpredictable on a bad day.


Helpers desire intimacy and affection. They long for connection and want to make a difference. Isolation and rejection are their greatest fears and on a bad day you’ll find them to be gullible, needy and over-emotional. On a good day, however, helpers exude empathy, encouragement, and display high levels of engagement.


Caring, cooperative, and patient Supporters are great to have around on a good day. Driven by supporting others they crave harmony and acceptance but can fear change and conflict. On a bad day, Supporters can be compliant, passive, and even stubborn.


On their best days you’ll find Coordinators to be thoughtful, diplomatic, and dependable but bad days can see this personality type become anxious, withdrawn, and hesitant. Motivated by correctness and duty, Coordinators like order and security and fear risk and disorder.


Observers like logic and facts and fear time pressure and confusion. They long for understanding and objective truth, are consistent, precise, and organised on a good day, but can be reserved, defensive, and detached on a bad day.


Perfection driven Reformers strive for excellence and fear criticism. They enjoy rigorous thinking and problem solving, displaying self-discipline, dedication, and pragmatism on good days but tend to be blunt, insensitive, and critical on bad days.

Building A Better Workplace For Everyone

Did someone spring to mind when you read through those personality profiles? Perhaps you have a colleague who perfectly fits the qualities of a Coordinator or exudes the decisive and courageous traits of a Director?

Learning about the unconscious likes, dislikes, and motivations of yourself – and those you work with – is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Insights Discovery. The full personality report reveals a highly detailed breakdown that, when applied, can have a truly transformative effect on employee satisfaction, candidate retention, and workplace culture.