Guide to Crypto Gambling In The UK

Crypto gambling is very popular in the UK, especially with young and tech-savvy users.  UK players were among the early adopters of the advantages of using cryptocurrency payment methods and enjoyed most of the commonly played casino games. This article will outline a short guide to crypto gambling in the UK regarding its legal landscape and good safety practices.

The crypto gambling industry in the United Kingdom is also rapidly changing and adopting new technology and regulations as it does elsewhere around the world.

UK Attitude towards BTC

Cryptocurrencies are widely used in the UK as a payment method and as an investment opportunity.  At first, there was skepticism by the traditional financial institutions, and it was seen as a venue for questionable purchases.  However, as was the case in the rest of the world, the benefits soon became obvious, and the gambling industry was among the first to cash in.

As more players started using BTC and more casinos allowed them to be used, the industry has become more regulated by governmental institutions.  This was first met with opposition from the industry, but it also provided the players with additional security, so it was eventually accepted.

Legal Framework

Most online casinos available to UK players aren’t based in the UK.  Instead, the agency that regulates the industry in an off-shore zone issues the license.  That way, UK citizens comply with the laws that prohibit casino gambling in the UK but can still trust these establishments as reputable agencies license them.

When it comes to the winnings made in crypto – they are allowed in the UK and taxed regardless of where the casino is based.  Players should be aware that transferring their winnings to some UK financial institution will get taxed.

Many Platforms to Choose From 

There are a lot of BTC casino platforms for UK players to choose from.  These platforms differ based on the size of the wagers you can make and the game selection.  Some offer only games of luck, but there are plenty of options in which players can enjoy both slots and traditional casino games.

Choosing a platform that supports cryptocurrencies of your preferences is also important.  Most casinos allow payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum as they are the most widely used cryptocurrencies.  There are also platforms open to a variety of smaller altcoins.  These have dedicated user pools, and it’s worth looking for platforms to take them.

Recent Trends in UK BTC Casinos

In recent years, BTC casinos in the UK have gone through a few trends and adapted to the needs of their users.  These are partly about the changes in the technology and partly about introducing new gambling features to accommodate the growing interest younger players have shown.

Live Dealer Events

Live dealer events have become all the rage at BTC casinos for a while now.  These events are streamed from real on-the-ground casinos, and players participate in the games in real-time.  Players prefer these games to those determined by a random number generator, even when the odds of winning are the same.

Move to Mobile

Young players are used to gambling on their mobile devices.  It’s a convenient way to do it, and with some games, it’s easier not to pay full attention, as the outcome of the game is based on luck.  Mobile devices can also be used to withdraw and deposit crypto funds, allowing the players to complete the whole process without needing a computer.

Casual and Games of Luck

Recently, casual games and games of luck have become favorites among players.  These games are simple enough to learn, and there isn’t that much to their gameplay.  Bitcoin players also enjoy games of luck as they can determine their chances and choose which game to play based on its return to player rate and volatility.

Which UK Casinos to Use? 

There are plenty of UK casinos to choose from.  This list of the UK`s top casinos that support crypto payments is based on the qualities we mentioned.  The casinos on it support many different cryptocurrencies and are suitable for wagers of varying sizes.

BC Game

BC.Game is an online casino that’s been around since 2017, and it’s cultivated a good reputation for itself as it’s well-liked and trustworthy.  The casino accepts over a hundred different cryptocurrencies.  There are over 8000 games you can play at BC.Game.

The casino operates in over 25 different languages, and customer support is available in about 15 languages.  BC.Game offers games of luck and skill, and players can bet small and even symbolic amounts as well as bet and win big on the same games.  All of the games are also available on mobile devices, and the safety and gameplay are the same.


SuperSlots is one of the oldest gambling sites that’s still operational.  It’s been around since 1991 and has undergone many iterations and updates.  It features over 400 games, most of them – games of luck such as slots, dice games, and different spins.

It’s available in Arabic, English, and Spanish, and it accepts over 15 different cryptocurrencies.  Using BTC allows the players to gamble at SuperSlots without providing their ID.  All of the games available at SuperSlots can be played on a mobile device without any changes to your chances of winning or the gameplay itself.


Jacbit is a much newer casino than the ones we mentioned before – it was founded in 2022, but it quickly finds its way to a large pool of players who find it trustworthy.  There are over 7000 different games to try at Jackbit.  It accepts over 15 different cryptocurrencies, and it operates in eight languages.  The customer support is available in four languages, however.

The site uses all the standard security measures, such as two-step authentication, and it’s available on mobile devices.  Players can try both games of luck, such as slot, and traditional casino games, such as poker and blackjack.


 Vave is another new online gambling establishment that’s quickly found its way to a large pool of players.  It was founded in 2022.  The site accepts eight different cryptocurrencies and operates in more than 15 languages, trying to reach a global audience.  There are over 4000 games to try, including both games of skill and luck.

Customer support at Vave operates in 4 languages.  The games can be played on mobile devices as well as on computers, and both are equally safe and easy to use.  Gambling with crypto allows for anonymous gameplay.


 BetPlay was founded in 2020 by Safe Betting Gaming Group.  It’s considered to be a fair and safe casino.  The site uses a usual set of measures to make sure its users are safe and the odds and chances of winning are transparent and available to players.  It accepts nine different cryptocurrencies and operates in English and French.

There are over 6000 games a player can try, including games of luck such as slots, dice games, crash gambling games, and games of skill such as blackjack and poker.  Live dealer games are also available; all games can be played on a mobile device.

The UK was among the first countries to adopt crypto, and so did its gambling industry.  Most UK BTC casinos are based abroad but are properly licensed and safe to use.  UK crypto casinos offer a great variety of games and gambling options.