Christophe Williams at Naked Energy

Christophe Williams, CEO of British-based solar thermal innovator Naked Energy commented:

“If the next government is serious about reaching our net zero targets, the climate crisis must be central to everything it is doing. Investment and support must be shifted into energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, especially those that tick two boxes: those that are manufactured in the UK and those that are focused on heat decarbonisation.

“After all, heat decarbonisation is the biggest roadblock to reaching zero emission, as it accounts for 51% of global energy demand of which 90% are met through the burning of fossil fuels.

“In the past, we’ve seen some things done right such as the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and the Renewable Heat Initiative. However, there’s not enough consistency in policy. Many schemes have been scrapped due to their complexity or impacted by powerful lobbying groups.

“The UK must pull out all the stops and take every opportunity to invest in renewable energy. The Inflation Reduction Act in the United States or the European Union’s Green Deal show the level of ambition the country needs.”