Choosing the Right Outsourced SOC Provider: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right outsourced SOC services is a critical part of protecting your company and its data. With cyberattacks continuing to rise each year and an increasing cost related to those attacks, businesses need solid security support in order to protect themselves. Outsourced SOC services can help streamline your security and protection while reducing your overall costs. However, as you choose your  SOC provider, there are several things to look for.

1. Look into an outsourced SOC provider who has a solid reputation in the community.

Reputation can tell you a great deal about a SOC provider. Do they have a history of successfully protecting the businesses they work with? Is the provider able to repel attacks when necessary? By talking to others who have worked with your local outsourced SOC service providers in the past, you can get a better idea of the best one for your business.

2. Consider what services the SOC provider offers.

Take a close look at what services you can expect to receive from your provider. Do they take care of regular security assessments, or do they only handle building your security? Do they combine other services with security, including IT services, or do they focus on security alone? With a better idea of what your provider actually covers, you can ensure that you have chosen the right one for your needs.

3. Have they worked with businesses the size of yours in the past?

The size and type of your business can have a significant impact on the types of security threats you are most likely to face and your priorities when it comes to cybersecurity. For example, if you regularly work with secure customer data, you may be highly focused on ensuring that you are able to protect against any breach of that information. A large business may deal with a larger quantity of data, but a smaller business may focus on more specific information or may have access to more sensitive data. Talk to your provider about whether they have worked with businesses the size of yours in the past and how they work to protect you.

4. Does the provider align with your security priorities?

Some types of cyberattacks may be more devastating to your business than others. Are you worried that a ransomware attack could grind operations to a halt? Are you deeply concerned about a data breach that could compromise critical client data and your reputation in the community? Make sure your outsourced SOC provider has the same priorities you do and will help you focus on the elements that matter most to your business.

5. Does your SOC operations provider have a clear plan for what to do in the event of a breach?

Security breaches can happen despite your best efforts to protect your business. How you respond can have a significant impact on how much data is ultimately compromised or how long your business is down. Talk to your SOC provider about what plan they have for dealing with a breach, from how fast they can respond to what steps you can expect them to take to protect against further damage.
As the need for security increases, having the right SOC service provider can make a huge difference in your ability to protect your brand. Reach out today to learn more about our SOC solutions and how we can help with your security.