7 Ways To Protect Your Employees

Managers should always find ways to look after employees by offering sensible working hours for work-life balance and growth opportunities that enhance their professional development. But these are not the only options for taking care of the team.

Besides basic care, wide-scale employee protection is also vital. Without it, you put your employees at risk in the office or store, which could put your business and customers at risk. So how can you ensure your employees are protected?

Keep Your Premises Secure

If you run an office in a building with multiple visitors throughout the day, it’s worth considering how you can keep your premises secure. Although you can’t stop people from coming into the lobby, you can check their credentials before entering your office.

Using a visitor management system (VMS) will keep a detailed log of everyone who visits your office. This feature ensures you always know who is there at any given time. Furthermore, a VMS makes your company look more professional than using a pen and paper to check visitors in.

Set Up Customer-Only Wifi

Your internet network is crucial for multiple activities at work. You need it to communicate with customers, research marketing or develop new products. However, many customers also want wifi access when visiting to avoid using their data and ensure they can be contacted regardless of signal strength.

But you can’t let employees and visitors use the same network as this could open you up to breaches or other information issues. Instead, set up a customer-only wifi network in your store or office to keep them online without interfering with your business.

Carry Out Regular Risk Assessment

Whether you work in retail, an office or a warehouse, there will be risk issues. Risk assessment involves going through the workplace to identify potential problems and finding ways to solve them. Such issues could be as simple as wet floors, unbalanced boxes, or exposed cables. However, it could also include heavy machinery that could cause an injury if used incorrectly.

While you can use a checklist to carry out a risk assessment, working with a risk consultant could be more effective.

Provide Training

You can also protect your employees by teaching them how to protect themselves. Offering risk assessment training will equip them with the skills they need to ensure they are safe at work. These skills will help them be more comfortable within the office and take the initiative to solve potential problems before they become too severe.

Additional training can include security and cybersecurity training that teaches employees to recognise danger and potential scams that affect their personal information or customer data.

Identify Store Patterns

Many companies use data to learn more about their store or workplace. You can use data to identify store patterns such as peak times or entry and exit times that can equip you to protect your employees.

A busy period can be stressful, but it becomes increasingly stressful if you don’t have enough people working the floor. This issue can cause customer frustrations while your employees become flustered. When anticipating a busy period, have enough staff on-site to handle the load.

Provide Liability Support

As much as your employees want to help your customers, they could make mistakes. This is especially true in healthcare where misdiagnoses or accidents can cause patient problems.

Just like you would have liability insurance for employees working in retail, signing up for specialist healthcare indemnity to protect your medical team is vital for protecting your employees from significant charges and keeping them from getting distracted with uncertainty in their careers so they can focus on what’s in front of them.

Take Action Against Unpredictable Visitors

Sometimes, customers can become upset and cause a scene in your store or office. This is usually the result of hearing something they didn’t like, such as you being unable to honour a return or other issues that are out of your control.

While some customers will accept it and cut their losses, there is always the risk of customer aggression in retail, whether this is directed at your team or other customers. Knowing how to deal with this, such as having security defuse the situation or calling the police, is essential for ensuring a safe workplace.


A safe workplace is a happy workplace. Besides caring for your employees’ mental well-being by fostering a supportive environment, you should also focus on developing a safe and secure office or store through these tips. The safer your team feels, the more confident they will be and this will reflect in the quality of the work and positive atmosphere that fills the space.